New 2021 Opel Mokka: final tests before series production of this plug-in hybrid

The new Opel Mokka is due to come on the PSA platform in early 2021. Tests are currently underway at Opel in Dudenhofen. First photos, information, market launch.

The new Mokka on the test course in Dudenhofen – © Opel Automobile GmbH

The upcoming Opel Mokka generation is a completely new construction and is based on the so-called multi-energy platform CMP (Common Modular Platform) from the PSA group, to which Opel has belonged since 2017. The CMP platform allows the use of a purely battery-electric drive as well as internal combustion engines.

Extensive test program at Opel

Since February 2020, the Opel engineers have been using the icy winter in Swedish Lapland for extensive coordination trips of the chassis and assistance systems on frozen lakes and cramped country roads. They are currently finishing the new Mokka. They test the vehicle in the Hessian Test Center Rodgau-Dudenhofen with regard to the acoustic comfort in the interior as well as driving safety up to the maximum speed.

Lighter, more comfortable, more dynamic: Mokka in recent tests – (© Opel Automobile GmbH)

In addition, they try to train it with the typical Opel steering and pedal feel. That is just a matter of software programming today. On the test track not far from the Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim, all the tricky road surfaces in Europe have been replicated. Even a water passage is part of the test program.

E-drive, small petrol engine, diesel engine

The Erlkönigs are still hiding under a green and black camouflage film. With the glued yellow “K” it looks a bit like a three-door car. But it is not: Of course, it remains a practical five-door model in the mini SUV segment. Small petrol and diesel engines are expected as the drive.

First, however, there is probably the pure electric version with a 136 hp electric motor and a 50 kWh battery as well as a WLTP range of up to 320 kilometers, as can be assumed. After all, the components come from PSA’s corporate shelf. The Peugeot e-2008 sends its regards.

The camouflage dress makes the Mokka look like a 3-door hatchback. But isn’t it – (© Opel Automobile GmbH)

Interior: New display displays, new controls

A first sketch of the cockpit gives an idea of ​​how it will look inside the new Mokka. Opel thus follows the general trend towards large displays and as few buttons as possible scattered around the dashboard. Operation should be intuitive, without the driver having to navigate in submenus. The statements about usability are certainly to be enjoyed with caution. This is what most previous experience suggests. It is often not so easy to find your way straight away.

Vague hint: design of the cockpit – © Opel

Weight reduced by 120 kilos

Opel attaches great importance to low vehicle weight and body rigidity, which should be particularly high in the Mokka. Two standard struts additionally stiffen the front body structure of the Mokka.

As a weight reduction, Opel mentions a value of up to 120 kilograms compared to the previous model – with almost the same wheelbase and the same tire sizes. With the electric Mokka-e, the batteries are installed deep in the vehicle floor, which lowers the center of gravity and at the same time increases rigidity by a further 30 percent, according to Opel.

Mokka on the vibrating slope with cobblestones – © Opel Automobile GmbH

The new Opel Mokka should be ready for test drives at the dealership at the beginning of 2021.

Author: Nabeel K

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