How to prevent the car windows from fogging up

Especially in winter and autumn the car windows fog up very easily. This article shows you what you can do to get the windows dry quickly and how you can prevent your car windows from fogging up.

Ingenious trick for pet owners: cat litter against fogged windows

To prevent the car windows from fogging up quickly, simply pack some cat litter in a sock and place the bag near the window. The granules remove moisture from the air and thus ensure a clear view – without having to wipe beforehand.

Remove moisture from windows quickly

  • To quickly get a clear view again, you can wipe your car window with a sponge or cloth. For this you should use special textiles and not wipe all over the window to avoid streaks.
  • It is also helpful if you combine four functions of your car.
  • This includes turning on the heating fully, switching on the air conditioning, allowing fresh air to flow in through the ventilation or opening all the windows a little.
  • This allows new air to enter the vehicle to absorb moisture, the used air is exchanged and the heated air can also bind more water.
Drying the windows: turn on ventilation

How to prevent the car windows from fogging up

So that you don’t have to wipe the car window dry again and again, you can prevent fogging with a few tricks:

  • Open the car doors and windows of your car shortly after you arrive. This allows the pent-up moisture to escape.
  • It is also helpful if you do not store wet clothes in the car and take the floor mats with you overnight.
  • Especially in autumn, many leaves collect in the water drain. You should remove these regularly, as they clog the drains and, in the worst case, the accumulated water works its way into the interior of the vehicle.
  • The cabin filter is also often neglected: if it is not changed regularly, the ventilation can no longer adequately exchange the air masses and moisture builds up in the car.
  • In older models in particular, the seals can also be damaged, causing moisture to penetrate.
  • In addition, you can put a so-called “Air Dryer” in your vehicle, which absorbs the excess moisture from the interior.
Author: Nabeel K

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