How to remove stickers from car body or windows

Removing stuck stickers is often very time-consuming and often does not work completely. With extremely stubborn stickers, there is a risk not only of peeling off the sticker, but also of damaging the area underneath. Depending on the material, this can quickly become expensive. Our tips make it much easier to remove stickers.

Removing stickers – tips and tricks

Various home remedies can help to remove stickers without leaving any residue.

However, since both the related adhesives and the surface are always different, there is no general-purpose weapon for all stickers.

In the adhesives used, a distinction is made between water-soluble adhesives and oil- and alcohol-soluble adhesives.

The procedure for removing the stickers is correspondingly different. The problem with this, however, is that it is not clear to the consumer which adhesive it is.

As an alternative to the home remedies listed below, you can of course also try your luck with a suitable sticker remover.

You can use these home remedies to remove the stickers

The simplest solution is to use heat: you can use your hair dryer to go over the sticker until the adhesive is soft. Then carefully peel off the sticker.

Instead of the heat, you can also try the cold. If the item is insensitive to cold, place it in the freezer for several hours. If the item is too large, place a large freezer bag on the sticker.

A water bath is also often helpful: boil a little water, add a little washing-up liquid and put the object in until the sticker has softened. This method is particularly useful for glasses or similar items.

Alternatively, mix an orange cleaner concentrate with water and spray the sticker well with it. After the solution has soaked the sticker, carefully peel it off. You can also use the mixture well if you have already removed the sticker but there are still greasy adhesive residues on the surface.

Another tip: Simple cooking oil, margarine or baby oil is often helpful. Apply the oil to the sticker and let it soak.

Baking powder is also a tried and tested and very inexpensive home remedy: dissolve the baking powder in water and then coat the sticker with it. Then let it dry for several minutes and rub off.

Attention: The use of nail polish remover, turpentine, spirit, cleaning gasoline or glass cleaner is usually counterproductive. Often you can get the stickers with these products, but you almost always damage the surface underneath.

Caution: removing the sticker from the car

The hair dryer should also be your first choice for car stickers. If the unpopular sticker sticks to the window, work on the outside and inside with the hot air. Once the sticker curls slightly, try to peel it off carefully.

You can use glass cleaner or alcohol on the glass to remove the adhesive residue. You can also use a glass scraper with great caution .

If the sticker is on the varnish, it is much more difficult to remove. Try to gently soak the sticker with hot water and detergent and then peel it off.

Otherwise, it is better for the sensitive car paint to use a corresponding sticker remover. Home remedies reach their limits here.

Author: Nabeel K

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