How to use Hill Start Assist on Toyota Highlander

The Hill Start Assist Control System on Toyota Highlander assists in starting to drive a steep or slippery hill.

Toyota Highlander second generation XU40 – (photo by Toyota)

When you start to move up a hill slope, the system helps to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward in the interval, while moving the foot from the break pedal to the accelerator pedal.

Be aware that the system may not operate effectively when the road surface is icy.

Hill Start Assist Control will only activate when the shift lever is in the D or S position, the accelerator pedal is not depressed, the parking break is not applied and the vehicle is stopped.

  1. To activate Hill Start Assist Control from a stop, depress the break pedal further.
  2. Once Hill Start Assist Control is activated, one beep will be heard. The Slip Indicator light will flash and the stop lights and high-mounted stop light are lit.
  3. The Hill Start Assist Control System will operate for a maximum of two seconds.
  4. When any of the following is performed, the system will stop operation: Shifting the selector lever to Park, applying the parking break, depressing the break pedal. If the accelerator pedal is depressed, the system will also stop operation without beeping.
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