How to turn on headlamp washers on Toyota Prius

The construction of the headlight cleaning system is similar to that of the windscreen washer system. Cleaning fluid is pumped and sprayed from a tank.

Toyota Prius third generation XW30; 2009–2015 – (photo by Toyota)

The nozzles through which the cleaning fluid is applied to the headlight glazing at high pressure in modern vehicles are often fixed in front of the headlights; however, they are increasingly being concealed in the bumper of the vehicle and only appear when the washing process is activated. With this type of construction, the nozzles are usually pushed out of the bumper into their spraying position by the high pressure of the washing liquid.

Headlight Operation

  1. To turn on the headlights use the switch on the end of the left-hand stock.
  2. Rotating at one position turns on the parking lights.
  3. Rotating it to the second position turns on the headlights
  4. If equipped with fog lights, they are switched on by rotating the inner control ring.

Headlight Washer

  1. Prius models equipped with LED headlamps also include headlamp washers.
  2. The headlamp washer button is located to the left of the steering wheel.
  3. Pushing the button operates the headlamp washers.
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