How to use wipers and washers on Toyota 4Runner

This guide will show you how to operate front and rear wipers on Toyota 4-Runner.

Toyota 4Runner fifth generation N280 from 2009 – (photo by Toyota)

Note: This method is specific to fifth generation N280 models built from 2009, older models may have similar method.

How to operate front wipers

  1. To operate the wipers, locate the stock on the right side of the steering wheel,
  2. Move the right hand stalk up for a single wipe.
  3. Move the stock down one position to activate the intermittent setting then rotate the inner control ring to increase or decrease the wiper frequency.
  4. Moving the stock down, one more position selects slow constant wiper mode and moving it down one more selects the fast setting.
  5. To activate the windshield washers pull the entire stock towards you.

How to operate deicer

Select 4-Runner models include a front deicer. It is switched on and off using a button below the power mirror controls on the left side of the instrument panel.

How to operate rear window wiper

All 4-Runners have a rear window wiper. It’s controls are located at the end of the wiper stock.

  1. Twist the knob on the end of the stock one click to wipe and wash the rear window.
  2. Rotate it away form you to turn the wiper on an intermittent mode.
  3. Move to the next position for steady operation and once more to activate the window washer.
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