How to recalibrate compass on Toyota FJ Cruiser

After starting the engine, the available dash mounted compass points north for about 3 seconds, then indicates the actual direction the vehicle is headed.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

It will not operate accurately unless the engine is running. The compass does need to be calibrated. There are two ways to calibrate the compass for your area.

  1. First, find the zone number for your area on page 272 of the owner’s manual. Then while the vehicle is parked, turn on the ignition and press and hold the set button under the outside temperature display until a zone number appears.
  2. Press the E/M button repeatedly until your area zone number appears. And press and hold the set button for two seconds or leave it alone for six seconds and the compass will be calibrated.
  3. If you’re close to one of the zone borders or want a more accurate calibration, stop the vehicle in an open space large enough to drive in a circle or around a block. Make sure you’re not close to any steel buildings.
  4. Push the set button twice and dashed lines will start moving in the display indicating the process has started. Drive the vehicle at 5 mph in a circle or around the block until the display returns to the outside temperature.
  5. To cancel the calibration before it’s complete, press the set button for about two seconds.
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