What does EV button do on Toyota Highlander Hybrid?

The Highlander Hybrid includes an EV button on the center console below the shifter. The EV mode extends low speed driving by using the electric motor alone.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid – Second Generation (XU40; 2007-2013) – (photo by Toyota)

Although this doesn’t prevent the gasoline engine from eventually starting, it does allow you to drive using only the electric motor for a longer period.

When you press the EV button, the EV indicator light will appear in the instrument panel on the left below the ready light, and an EV message will appear in the multi-information display, indicating the system status.

How long can you drive in EV mode?

The vehicle will stay in EV mode as long as the hybrid system temperature is within specified operating range, you accelerate very slowly, you keep the speed under 25 miles per hour, the state of battery charge is sufficient, and the defroster is off. If any of these conditions aren’t met, you’ll see an error message in the multi-information display and the hybrid synergy drive will deactivate the EV mode.

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