How to quickly defrost Toyota Prius windows & windscreen

If the climate control system isn’t displayed on the screen, press the Climate button on the left side of the infotainment system.

Toyota Prius Second Generation (XW20; 2003–2009) – (photo by Toyota)

To defrost the windshield, touch the windshield defrost button labelled “FRONT” and the appropriate vent, fan and air source setting changes will be made automatically.

Raise the temperature and make sure the air conditioning system is on to speed the process.

When you press the defrost button again, the vent, fan and air source buttons will return to their previous settings.

Defrost Rear Window

  1. To defrost the rear window, touch the rear window defrost button labelled “REAR”.
  2. A heating element in the rear window will come on.
  3. If you have heated side mirrors, those will come on as well.
  4. You can turn the system off at any time by touching the rear defrost button again.
  5. The defrosting system will run for approximately 15 minutes, then automatically turn off.
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