Honda to launch energy management service for EVs in Europe by summer 2020

Honda has announced that it will launch an energy management service for EVs, e:PROGRESS, in Europe by 2020, which will enable the use of renewable energy and reduce charging costs.

Honda will start delivering Honda e before launching e:PROGRESS

The e:PROGRESS is an energy management service that charges EVs at times when power demand is low and power costs are the lowest, thereby leveling power demand and contributing to the expansion of use of renewable energy. e:PROGRESS is the Europe’s first energy management service, which will first be launched in the UK by 2020 and then roll out to Germany and other European countries.

The new service will be offered jointly with Moixa, a company specializing in smart charging and resource aggregation, and Vattenfall, a power company. e:PROGRESS subscribers will be able to simply enter the amount of charge required in the smartphone app and connect the EV to a home charger such as the Honda Power Charger. Through Moixa’s “grid-share” system, Vattenfall’s fluctuating electricity rates can be used to automatically charge during times when electricity cost is lowest.

Prior to the launch of the e:PROGRESS service, Honda will start deliveries of the new EV “Honda e” and simultaneously launch the Honda Power Charger for EVs in Europe in early summer 2020.

Honda started a demonstration of V2G (Vehicle to Grid) in London from January 2020. Installed two or more bidirectional chargers “Sospeso & Charge” that can charge and supply power in both directions with the power system, charge public vehicles (EV), and supply power from EVs to homes.

Honda Press Release

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