New battery invention needed for EVs to take over

The auto industry is looking for a breakthrough in battery technology. It wants a battery that can let electric cars go 500 miles on a single charge.

Scientists want EVs to drive as far as regular car on a full tank of gas. They are focusing on technology that uses solid materials instead of flammable liquids to charge batteries faster. But prototype solid-state batteries have long way to go.

Tesla Supercharger

It takes Tesla supercharger about 30 minutes to charge a depleted battery up to 80%. Tesla says there is no existing technology better than its lithium-ion packs. But Elon Musk’s company says its open to new prototypes.

Toyota Prius Hybrid 2020

A group of 25 companies including Toyota, Nissan and Panasonic are looking for a solution. Toyota has 255 battery technology patents or pending applications and says its investing billions of dollars.

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