Enable or disable Driver Alert on Ford F-150

Driver Alert on Ford F-150 alerts you if it determines that you are becoming drowsy or if your driving deteriorates.

Ford F-150 14th generation – (photo by Ford)

Driver Alert on Ford F-150 calculates your alertness level based on your driving behavior in relation to the lane markings and other factors through use of the front camera sensor behind the interior mirror.

Switching driver alert on and off

Driver alert can be enabled or disabled via the SYNC 4 infotainment system settings on 14th gen Ford F-150.

  1. Go to Features tab on the center touchscreen.
  2. Select Driver Assistance.
  3. Switch Driver Alert on or off.
Driver Alert on/off option on SYNC 4, Ford F-150 14th generation

Note: The system remains on or off depending on how it was last set.

System Limitations

Driver alert may not function correctly if:

  • The sensor cannot track the road lane markings.
  • Your vehicle’s speed is less than approximately 40 mph (65 km/h).

Resetting Driver Alert

You can reset the system by either:

  • Switching the ignition off and on.
  • Stopping the vehicle and then opening and closing the driver door.

Driver Alert messages

Driver Alert Warning Rest Now

This message displays when the system determines that you’re tired and need to stop and rest as soon as it is safe to do so.

Driver Alert Warning Rest Suggested

This message displays when the system determines that you’re getting tired and you need to take a rest soon.


  • Take regular rest breaks if you feel tired. Do not wait for the system to warn you.
  • Certain driving styles may result in the system warning you even if you are not feeling tired.
  • In cold and severe weather conditions the system may not function. Rain, snow and spray can all limit sensor performance.
  • The system may not correctly operate if your vehicle is fitted with a suspension kit not approved by us.
Driver Alert camera sensor on 14th gen F-150

The system may not operate properly if the sensor is blocked. Keep the windshield free from obstruction.

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