How to enable or disable Rear Traffic Alert on VW Tiguan

Rear Traffic Alert on Volkswagen Tiguan can help detect cross traffic behind the vehicle when backing out of parking spaces and driveways.

2021 Volkswagen Tiguan, second gen facelift – (photo by VW)

The Rear Traffic Alert system uses the sensors from the Blind Spot Monitor to check both behind the vehicle and along the rear side areas where oncoming vehicles may be.

The sensor range is pretty broad, about 65 feet for most vehicles and possibly further depending on the model. The sensors will monitor within the range and if there’s a stationary object or oncoming vehicle, there will be an audible warning as well as a visual cue on the instrument cluster. To stop the alert, the driver just needs to press on the brake.

Enable or disable Rear Traffic Alert

From instrument cluster

The Rear Traffic Alert can be enabled or disabled from the instrument cluster settings. Using the steering wheel controls, navigate to Assist systems then from the list select or deselect Rear Traffic Alert to enable or disable the feature.

Rear Traffic Alert enable/disable option on instrument cluster menu on VW Tiguan second segenration

From infotainment system

Rear Traffic Alert can also be enabled or disabled from the infotainment system by selecting CAR, then Setup and then Parking and maneuvering. Select or deselect Active checkbox just below Rear Traffic Alert to activate or deactivate the feature.

Rear Traffic Alert option is under Parking and maneuvering settings under CAR > Setup on Volkswagen Tiguan second generation

When active the system detects vehicles in a wide monitoring area behind the vehicle. If an approaching vehicle is detected, a chime will sound and a warning indicator will appear in the display. Rear traffic alert may automatically engage the brake at speeds between 1 and 7 miles per hour if a potential collision is detected.

Note: You can only turn off Rear Traffic Alert temporarily, it will automatically activate on next engine startup.

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