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I am experiencing feedback/crackling noises when using either apple CarPlay or bluetooth in my 2022 Genesis GV70. I have went to the dealership and of course they are no help. They said they have to bring in the engineering team from Genesis to diagnose the issue. I was wondering if anyone has an idea or opinion on this?

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I see that another 2022 GV70 owner reported exactly the same noise issue with CarPlay on Genesis forum. You should check out that post:

This seems like an issue with Genesis infotainment system and should be resolved under warranty.
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Unfortunately, that is my post on the forum. I have yet to get an answer, solution, or hear of anyone else with the same issue.
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Have you tried using Android Auto with any Android phone? Maybe the problem is only specific to iPhone.
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Unfortunately I haven’t tried an android. I do not have one available. I thought it’s strange how I hear the crackles both through Bluetooth and through usb, both using iPhone. So it very well could be my iPhone. But I’ve used someone else’s iPhone to rule that out and had the same issues.

I’ve used different iPhones, different cables, different streaming apps, etc. and everything points back to infotainment issue. Unless it works fine with android, then that would point to a glitch in iPhone software since both iPhones showed same issues.

Only other answer could be an amplifier issue. Improper grounding, tuning, interference, unstable power supply, etc. But I don’t think it’s an amplifier issue due to how it only happens when music is playing. Usually with an amplifier issue, you’d hear clipping or feedback even if you paused the input music.
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Have you tried playing music directly from a USB flash drive by plugging it into the Genesis USB port?
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Good idea. I will load some files onto a usb and try that today. Let's see.
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Tried the usb loaded with a few flac files. Did not hear any feedback or clipping noises. Now I tested it without driving so I have yet to see if it truly does not have noises. But if it doesn’t, then it points to the iPhone. Which is weird only because I used multiple iPhones all with the same issues which must mean it’s a design flaw on apples side. Which also sucks for me since my iPhone is my source of music. Any ideas?
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1. Upgrade iOS on your iPhone, even if beta version is available.
2. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone and then use CarPlay.
3. Try a wireless adapter (e.g. CPLAY2air) that converts USB CarPlay to wireless CarPlay. Maybe this eliminates the crackling noise.

Other than that, you don't have many options except testing an Android phone.
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I will try disabling the WiFi and bluetooth to see if that effects it. Currently my iPhone is up to date with ios15 but not beta, I’ll have to join the beta program to do that. I’ve actually already tried a wireless adapter with no luck, which again points to the iPhone as the culprit.

I also saw people on discussion boards on apple mention similar issues with multiple car makers and models. Some noticed that when location services was completely disabled, it was perfectly fine. Unfortunately, that’s nearly impossible to do since almost every aspect of the phone or apps require location services.

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