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I'm troubleshooting my friend's car, need some help.

It is a 116i N43 from 2009.

The engine runs very rough, regardless of the speed.

The yellow MKL is now flashing continuously, on the last test drive it was lit continuously until I manually deleted the error. Furthermore, the SSA has not been working for a few days (conditions such as temperature, etc. are met).

Already exchanged:

NOx sensor (2019)
NoWe sensors (2019)
High pressure fuel sensor (today, but without improvement)
Low pressure fuel sensor (today, but without improvement)

Since the volume control valve also appears in the FS, I tried to control it.

I noticed that if I set the rail pressure to 175,000hPa, the pressure would drop completely every now and then to 30,000-60,000hPa

The pressure of 175,000 hPa is also not reached. (Picture is attached)

Maybe someone knows the cause of the irregular engine running?

Could it be the volume control valve (is it correctly integrated in the pump?)

Or is an injector more defective?

I couldn't see any leaks, the cylinder head cover is dry and clean.

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I'm not a specialist, but for me there were identical mistakes and it was the injectors and NOx sensor. Now it is running very well, but I have to say that my MKL went on again afterwards, but according to BMW everything is fine and don't know why it started again (currently 100km).

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