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2019 Yaris, with key-less ignition will not start after getting gas (tank level was 1/4 full when starting to get gas). Kept on cranking by itself, trying to fire until it shut down with ignition failure and all idiot lights lit. Car would not turn off either when stop button pressed. The only way I could get it to stop was disconnecting + battery lead. After 10 min, with lead disconnected (I was trying to call for tow truck) I decided to hook up + lead again and car started normally with no ill effects other than radio pre-set stations were erased and I drove it home. OBD II code reader this morning showed it kicked 0 codes and car started/ran normally. What went wrong? Glitch in ECM/Key-less system? Any one else experience this? This  model Yaris is really a Mazda with Toyota tags: engine, transmission, brakes, platform, etc.

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My few months old Audi A4 developed this problem. Car would attempt to start three times with engine cranking whenever I pressed the start/stop button. It turned out to be bad fuel pump in the tank, it was completely rusted. Dealership said it happened due to bad fuel. They replaced the pump and the problem went away.

If engine is cranking but not starting then most common cause is fuel supply interruption. Since your car was attempting to start nonstop, ECM glitch could also be the culprit. Keyless systems are designed to make a few engine starting attempts in case of no start, mostly 3 times. But even with ECM glitch on non-stop starting attempts, the engine should have started if there was fuel supply. So if this happens again, check everything related to fuel supply: fuel pump, fuel pump fuse, fuel filter, etc - also get spark plugs checked.

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