VIDEO: a truck carrying gravel overturns inside a tunnel

The video shows the images that will make your hair stand. In this dashcam footage, you can see how a truck carrying gravel and is of considerable size overturns inside a tunnel.

The events took place in Massachusetts (USA), and was recorded by the dashcam of another car that was driving just behind. You can see on the tape the moment when the truck carrying gravel crashes and tips over in the Thomas P. O’Neill Jr. tunnel, which is in the Massachusetts state.

The images show the truck going down the second lane to the right of the tunnel, next to another. In the second part of the video, the truck driver starts to get into the left lane, but immediately rectifies, and then turns left again.

At a certain moment, the truck begins to lose control, goes from left to right, shortly before changing lanes sharply to the right; Apparently, the driver brakes, which seems to lock the rear wheels, and the truck ends up overturning. Fortunately, the other trailer that was so close to the accident didn’t get hit by any debrees from the overturned truck.

The truth is that, after watching the video, it is difficult to explain how the incident happened, although it is possible that this is the result of an erroneous control of the vehicle by the driver.

Fortunately, neither truck driver nor any other person on the road suffered any injuries or damage to their vehicles.

Author: Nabeel K

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