Trunk doesn’t open – how to open it from the inside

If the trunk of your car no longer opens, the defect can lie in both the mechanics and the electronics. In this article we will show you how to solve the problem.

Check the defect

First, you should rule out a simple block.

  • Fold down the seats and open the tailgate from the inside.
  • Most cars have an emergency release on the tailgate. This can usually be operated with a screwdriver.
  • With some models, you can simply remove a small cover in the tailgate and trigger the cable manually. The exact procedure can be found in the manual of your car.

How to repair

If the car is no longer within the warranty period, you can try the repair yourself.

  • To do this, go to the trunk and unscrew the cover of the tailgate.
  • Take a peek inside. Check the cable and try to open the door manually from the inside.
  • If the problem is not with the mechanics, the electrics can also be to blame. In most cases you can mend broken cables or replace them if necessary.
  • However, the cables are often not in the tailgate, but to the left or right of them in the body.
  • If you cannot solve the problem yourself, only a trip to the workshop will help.
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