How to reset low tire pressure light on Kia Sportage

All models of Kia Sportage are equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS which lets the driver know the air pressure of all four tires via instrument cluster display.

2020 Kia Sportage, fourth generation – (photo by Kia)

Tire pressure monitoring systems are used to monitor tire pressure in motor vehicles in order to prevent accidents caused by incorrect tire pressure. In addition, with the optimal tire pressure you can save fuel and avoid unnecessary tire wear.

On the Kia Sportage, you can access tire pressure information on instrument cluster display. First press menu button on the steering wheel and then go to the tab with wrench icon. Scroll down to Tire Pressure to view air pressure in all four tires.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System display on Kia Sportage fourth generation (2015-2021)

Reset low tire pressure light

When one or more of your tires are significantly underinflated, low tire pressure warning light will illuminate on the instrument cluster.

Low tire pressure warning light – (illustration by Kia)

The warning light should turn off automatically after filling air in all four tires to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. If the warning light remains on despite proper air pressure, then try driving the vehicle for 5-10 miles. If the warning light still does not turn off, then your only option left is to give a visit to the workshop to get the TPMS system and sensors tested.

The fourth generation of Kia Sportage (2015-2021) does not have a reset button for its TPMS system. If the warning light does not disappear even after driving for a few miles, then there is a malfunction in the system and it needs to be tested by a specialist.

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6 days ago

I had a tire go flat on my 2019 Sportage (US model). After repairing and inflating the tire the warning still did not go off even though the dashboard tire pressure display showed all tires were at good pressure. I drove around for 2 days and probably 50 miles or so before the warning finally turned off.

2 months ago

Thanks for this info.