Apple Car project recruits former Tesla executives

The Apple Car project is to be supported by former Tesla executives. However, it will be a long time before the first Apple car arrives.

The Apple Auto is 5 to 7 years away, according to a new report from Bloomberg. According to the report, Apple has added even more former Tesla executives to the team working on the vehicle.

Apple is said to employ engineers who develop the drive systems, the interior of the vehicle and the body. At some point there should really be an Apple car, they say. So far, Apple is said to have focused on developing a self-driving system, i.e. an autonomous car.

Corona has delayed the project, the report says. At the moment, the employees are working from home and only come in the office twice a week. It goes without saying that such a project cannot simply be carried out from the kitchen table at home. However, this means that the schedules can change again, especially if Apple should aim for a shorter time frame later. Several hundred engineers are currently working on the Apple car.

According to the report, Jonathan Sive will work as a senior manager in the Apple Car Team. This vehicle engineer has already worked for Tesla, BMW and Waymo. Former Tesla Vice President Stuart Bowers was hired in late 2020, the report said. There are also dozens of other hardware and software developers from Tesla.

A few years ago there were rumors that Apple was planning its own car. The alleged development of an electric car by Apple was made known through reports in the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and supporting articles from news outlets Bloomberg and Reuters.

Your own Apple car?

Parts of the automotive industry smile at the idea that the company wants to dedicate itself to vehicle manufacturing . So far not a single product, let alone a car from Apple has been presented.

The Apple car story is largely reminiscent of the legendary Apple television, on which the manufacturer was also rumored to be working. The origin of this rumor can be found in Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography. Accordingly, Jobs himself drove the development of a television set. The television should be particularly easy to use: “It will have the simplest operation that you can imagine.” says the biography. No such product was ever released by Apple.

Author: Nabeel K

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