After an accident this Model 3 is a wreck, but still manages to move

If you take a look at the image, you will surely have difficulty believing what you are about to read. The Tesla Model 3 specimen you have just seen still manages to “move” through the Canadian streets.

Recovering Tesla from junkyard conditions is certainly a difficult task, but Jason Hughes’ YouTuber Rich Rebuilds and 057 Technology are unstoppable. At the moment it is not yet clear what happened to this poor model 3 model, but the owner, this Oleg K, has published some images on Twitter, which depict the body and mechanics almost totally disintegrated.

Oleg described his vehicle in the conditions he is in: “On sale: used Tesla Model 3 2020. Red paintwork and custom bodywork. Low mileage. 20-inch aftermarket wheels with almost new tires. Some small scratches. Display 15-inch still fresh from the factory. Open to offers.”

Of course, sarcasm is captured with every word, but in fact the car still manages to move, and moving is perhaps precisely the term suitable for Model 3 of the video, which we certainly would not have flattered through the term “drivable”. In any case, the fact that it can be started and that it can travel at a certain speed means that the drivetrain is still working , but to bring it back to acceptable conditions both by the owner and by the highway code there is a lot of work to be done.

Currently the car has been put up for auction in search of the best bidder, but unless you are a recovery wizard, we strongly advise against approaching it.

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