Tesla Model Y body size comparison with Model 3, Model S, Model X and Cybertruck

There has been plenty of speculation about the size of Tesla Model Y since the automaker didn’t disclose the exact dimensions of the vehicle at its debut.

But as we near the first deliveries to the lucky owners in early 2020, we finally have the exterior dimensions for Model Y which we can use to make a visual comparison with Tesla’s fleet.

Please note that vehicle height can vary in real conditions due to various reasons; including tire pressure, suspension, wheel size, etc. but vehicle length is 100 percent accurate as depicted in this comparison.

Model 3

Tesla Model Y is 2.2 inch longer, 2.8 inch wider and 7.2 inch taller as compared to Model 3.

Model X

Tesla Model Y is 11.3 inch shorter in length, 3.1 inch narrower and 2.3 inch shorter in height than Model X.

Model S

Model Y is 8.9 inch shorter in length, 1.7 inch narrower, 7.5 inch taller (which is very similar to Model 3) than Model S.


Tesla Cybertruck is 44.7 inch longer, 6.4 inch wider and up to 11 inch taller than Model Y.

*Cybertruck has adjustable air suspension

Cybertruck was unveiled in November 2019, but its design is not final yet, as the company’s CEO Elon Musk has hinted about visual changes for its production version in 2021. Also, the pickup-truck is equipped with air suspension which is manually adjustable, so the height car vary depending on the selected settings.

Although, Tesla still hasn’t provided any official figures for Model Y dimensions on its website, but there has been a convincing report by Tesmanian which specifies all exterior dimensions including curb weight of 4,416 lbs for Long Range dual motor version, therefore making this comparison possible.

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Zayne Cole
Zayne Cole

What about ground clearance?


Who will buy Model X now? No wonder its sales are declining.


That’s on purpose, Model S and Model X are not in Tesla’s long term plan.


The Plaid power train won’t be coming to the Model 3 or Y. Only the S and X. So they absolutely are.


I would love to buy the X but can’t afford it. If I had the means, definitely would take the X over the Y.