Toyota to say goodbye to the V8 engine?

Toyota apparently plans to discontinue its V8 engine production. As the magazine “The Drive” claims to have learned from insider circles, the eight-cylinder is to be discontinued in the next three years in favor of V6 engines.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 engine

The Toyota engine plant in Alabama is said to already be producing parts for over 30,000 V8 engines. When the components are ready, the equipment for eight-cylinder production are to be exchanged for six-cylinder units.

The pre-produced engine parts are intended to ensure that the current generations of Toyota Tundra, Sequoia and Land Cruiser can continue to be offered with a V8. However, the new turbocharged six-cylinder engines are said to be powerful enough to also power these series in the future.

V8 could live on in small series

In addition to the US plant in Alabama, the Japanese engine plant in Tahara is also scheduled to discontinue its mass production for V8 petrol engines. However, the Asians will not completely say goodbye to the large-volume engine. In 2019, Lexus confirmed that its LC racing car was to be equipped with a bi-turbo V8 that would later also be intended for street sports cars. Officially, Toyota does not want to comment on downsizing its large models and the phasing out of the V8. However, increasingly strict emissions standards worldwide make the inside information sound plausible.

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