Subaru increases towing capacity for Forester and XV

Forester e-BOXER and Subaru XV e-BOXER experience an increase in trailer load. The Forester can now pull 2,070 kg with an incline of up to 8%, and the Subaru XV in its basic configuration up to 1,400 kg. For caravaners, riders and boat owners, this means decisive added value in terms of functionality.

Subaru Forester

The new Forester e-BOXER not only offers more trailer load, it also has a trailer stabilization system as standard. An electronically controlled driving dynamics control system specifically brakes individual wheels so that in case the trailer lurch, it is effectively stabilized.

In addition to increased trailer loads and a trailer stabilization system on the Forester, the Subaru SUVs offer many other crucial aids for driving with a trailer. These include, for example, the all-wheel assistance system X-Mode including hill descent help and an additional hill start aid.

The high ground clearance of 220 mm for the Forester and Subaru XV as well as the permanent all-wheel drive Symmetrical AWD enables both models for particularly demanding challenges, especially in rough terrain, on wet meadows or muddy ground.

But the low center of gravity of the SUBARU BOXER engines and the long wheelbase also offer decisive advantages when it comes to driving stability and driving dynamics in combination.

For caravaners, boat owners or riders, a Subaru is simply the ideal companion. The increased trailer loads for Forester and Subaru XV now significantly increase the value of the two top SUVs under Subaru’s lineup.

Author: Nabeel K

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