Citroën ë-SpaceTourer, another electric alternative for the transport of passengers or the family

Following in the footsteps of its twin, the Peugeot e-Traveler van, this battery-powered van offers space for everyone, no matter if you want it for your family or for your job.

The PSA Group took the electrification of its commercial vehicles seriously, especially when it comes to its range of vans and minivans. We already had the Opel Vivaro-e and the Peugeot e-Expert, which were quickly followed by the Peugeot e-Traveler and its Citroën twins, the ë-Jumpy and this new ë-Spacetourer.

So, if you like the model, but do not want to carry a lion or lightning on the grill, the PSA Group offers you a third alternative, with two chevrons in the front. On the combustion versions, you will only distinguish it, by the specific insignia, a blind grill in the front (with an e) and a cover that hides the charging plugs, on the left side of the front.

Its characteristics are exactly the same as in the e-Traveler. This means that it will be offered with three body sizes: XS (4.60 m), M (4.95 m) and XL (5.30 m), all 1.90 meters high, and configuration to carry between five and nine passengers depending on the version you choose.

And just like the Peugeot variant, this one will have exactly the same drive option. This means that the ë-Spacetourer is powered by a 100 kW (136 horsepower) electric motor and 260 Nm of torque, which can reach a final speed of 130 km / h. Citroën will put at your disposal two battery packs, one of 50 kWh and 18 modules for a range of 230 km in WLTP cycle and another of 75 kWh and 27 modules that can reach 330 km on a single charge. The small battery is available for all three sizes, but the large battery is available for the M and XL sizes only. Since the batteries go below the chassis, they do not take up space in the passenger compartment.

Besides, you can adjust the motor power with three driving modes, Eco, Normal and Sport, which cover the maximum motor power in 82 Hp (60 kW and 190 Nm), 109 Hp (80 kW and 210 Nm) and 136 Hp (100 kW and 260 Nm) so that you yourself can manage the energy performance according to the use you make of the vehicle; Eco mode also restricts the power of the climate control. There are also two levels of accelerator pedal retention and electrical system regeneration.

The maximum recharging power with alternating current is 7.4 kW, and can be increased to 11 kW with an optional three-phase charger. The recharge times are 7:30 and 5:00 hours for the small battery, and 11:20 and 7:30 hours for the large battery. With a super fast 100 kW public charger, times drop to 30 and 45 minutes, respectively, although at 80% load. In addition, you can program the load and manage it from a mobile app.

True to Citroën’s spirit of customization, you can’t just choose the size of your electric Spacetourer, the size of the batteries, or their performance. There are also different versions designed according to their use.

If you want an e-Spacetourer for your family or friends, there are the Feel (XS, M and XL) and Shine (M and XL) finishes, both configurations for five, seven and eight occupants. On the other hand, if you are thinking of using it for passenger transport, there is the Business version (XS, M and XL) with an option of between five and nine seats. In addition, there is the Business Lounge version (M and XL) with only an option for six or seven occupants, with reclining seats and designed for VIP transport services.

The seats can be folded, moved and even fully removed to maximize cargo space. In the VIP model, the seats can be rotated to give a lounge-like atmosphere.

As in the combustion versions, the electric Spacetourer features a hands-free opening for the doors or the boot, the latter with a convenient folding windshield. And of course, multiple storage spaces and trays, in some cases refrigerated and illuminated.

There is also active emergency braking, head-up display, hill start assistant, fatigue monitor with attention alert, lane change alert, imminent collision alert, 180 degree reverse camera, automatic high beam, recognition of speed limits, blind spot monitor, cruise control with limiter and Grip Control program for traction control.

The 7″ multi-media system with touch panel, not only has a new menu for energy management, but can also be equipped with three packages; Connect Assist (assists and SOS), Connect Nav (GPS, with traffic zones and photo-radar) and Connect Play (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto).

Author: Nabeel K

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