BMW plans to sell seven million electric cars within ten years

BMW wants to significantly increase the number of electric cars with fully electric drives for model series such as the high-selling 5 Series. “In ten years, a total of more than seven million electrified BMW Group vehicles will be on the road,” said the automaker on Monday.

BMW Vision iNEXT Concept

2.5 million cars with electric drive in 2019

The X1 and 5 Series, which are among BMW’s best-selling, are to be offered in the future fully electric, as a hybrid, with a diesel engine and as a petrol engine. Last year, only 146,000 of the 2.5 million BMW vehicles sold had an electric drive.

Aim to reduce CO2 emissions by a third

In the EU, automakers need to reduce their vehicle fleets’ CO2 emissions by 37.5 percent by 2030 compared to 2021. From 2007 to 2021, emissions must drop by 40 percent. Otherwise, manufacturers face severe penalties.

BMW wants to distinguish itself as a climate-friendly manufacturer with a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. CEO Oliver Zipse confirmed on Monday that the carmaker will meet the EU’s CO2 fleet targets this year. “The BMW Group is setting clear goals for CO2 reduction by 2030.”

The BMW iX3 will be built in China and sold both there and in Europe. It will cost around $77,000 with a range of 285 miles or 460 km.

The total CO2 emissions per vehicle – from raw material extraction through production to the end of use – should be reduced by at least a third in the next ten years. “We will report on our progress every year and be measured against these goals,” said Zipse. “This will also influence the remuneration of the board and top management.”

Reducing CO2 emissions by a third over the entire life cycle means a good 40 million tons less CO2 in 2.5 million cars a year. “This new direction is anchored in all departments – from administration and purchasing to development and production to sales,” said Zipse.

“The fight against climate change and our use of resources are decisive for the future of our society – and with it the BMW Group,” he said. That is why “these issues are at the center of our future direction”.

Shift towards renewable energy for production

To achieve the goal, production is an essential lever. BMW is only using green electricity this year. Digital data analysis minimize rejects in body construction. Suppliers would also have to meet the CO2 targets. The new battery cells, for example, should only be manufactured with green electricity. “Our aim is to ensure the most sustainable supply chain in the entire industry,” said Zipse. BMW is aiming for almost complete recycling of high-voltage batteries.

On the road, CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 40 percent per kilometer driven by 2030. The central lever for this are the electric cars. In 2023, the BMW boss wants 25 electrified models on the road – half of them fully electric.

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