Worst floods cause Venice a billion euros in damages

They’ve been the worst floods in 50 years with St. Mark’s Square submerged under 3 feet water. Venice’s buildings are threatened by yet another high tide on Sunday.

Saint Mark’s Square

The Saint Mark’s Basilica is under water and around 45% of the city is flooded, its mayor Luigi Brugnaro says that Venice is now on its knees.

The Teatro La Fenice

The Teatro La Fenice’s electrical system has been heavily damaged. The floods have caused Venice one billion euros so far.

Mayor of the city is blaming climate change and he has asked the government in Rome to declare an emergency. He said that it will not get as bad as Tuesday when the floods inundated shops, homes and hotels.

Flood damage in music shop

The ancient city have suffered from over tourism in recent years, and now there are only fifty thousand permanent residents.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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