Why VW Tiguan has snowflake symbol next to outside temperature?

You may have noticed a snowflake symbol in the instrument cluster display of your VW Tiguan. This symbol appears to warn drivers of extremely cold weather and possible risk of black ice on roads.

VW Tiguan – (photo by Volkswagen)

When outside temperatures are colder than approximately +4°C (+39°F), a snowflake symbol  also appears next to outside temperature in VW Tiguan. This symbol remains on until the outside temperature rises above +43 °F (+6 °C).

In the following situations, the temperature displayed in Tiguan may be higher than the actual outside temperature due to heat radiating from the engine:

  • When the vehicle is stationary
  • When the driving speed is very low.

The measurement range is from -45 °C (-49 °F) to +169 °F (+76 °C).

Risk of black ice

Streets and bridges can become icy when outside temperatures are above the freezing point. The snowflake symbol indicates a possible risk of black ice. Black ice may also be present when outside temperatures are above +39 °F (+4 °C) when the snowflake symbol is not displayed in your Tiguan. Never rely solely on the outside temperature display.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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