Volvo XC100: a 100% electric and ultra-luxury coupé SUV in preparation

Big brother of the XC90 plug-in hybrid SUV, the XC100 will mark a transition to all-electric and above all a very strong move upmarket on the part of Volvo, which intends to make it its new flagship when it launches in 2023.

Volvo XC90 – credit: Volvo

Like most car manufacturers, Volvo has largely started electrifying its range. Only, so far they had focused on hybrid powertrains, whether micro-hybrid or plug-in hybrid. Its first 100% electric vehicle will be the XC40 Recharge, an SUV which will be released later this year, before its main competitor, the Tesla Model Y.

The SUV XC100 as the standard bearer of the Swedish brand

The XC100 that Volvo is preparing is 3 ranges above. The XC60 and XC90 separate them. If we consider that the cheapest electric XC40 already costs €59,940 ($64,800), we can imagine what level of range the manufacturer is targeting with the XC100. According to Motor Trend, Volvo’s goal is to design a stylistic standard bearer that will take the future generations of the brand’s electric cars behind it .

This obviously goes through a more extravagant design allowing the Swedish manufacturer to differentiate itself. Luxury will obviously be part of it with a 4-seat cabin, a very high level of comfort or even semi-autonomous driving capabilities, probably thanks to the LiDAR that Volvo presented a few days ago. Next year, the XC90 will be redesigned and it is in 2022 that the XC100 should be unveiled. Motor Trend estimates its price at around $85,000. However, the base price of the XC90 being 82,100 euros in a plug-in hybrid, there is reason to doubt such a price.

In order to develop its two highest-end electric SUV models, Volvo will build on the SPA-II architecture, a major update to the current XC90 platform. Unlike the first generation, this new platform is designed to also accommodate all-electric engines. If the XC90 will also continue to receive hybrid drives, the XC100 will be exclusively electric.

Author: Nabeel K

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