Volvo Cars launches this summer’s largest digital golf competition in Sweden

After the outbreak of covid-19, all Swedish golf competitions were canceled and this summer’s competition calendar will look different from previous years. However, more golf is played than ever in Sweden.

Digital golftävling + childhood

The number of competitions this summer with nice prizes to win will be clearly fewer than usual. We are happy and proud to be able to offer all golfers in Sweden an opportunity to safely and smoothly compete, says Klas Jacobsson, competition manager at Volvo Car Sweden.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Volvo Car Sweden, together with the Swedish Volvo dealership, has arranged the Volvo World Golf Challenge. One of Sweden’s most popular golf competitions, which annually attracts around 5,000 players in some 50 club qualifications. This year, the competition is instead held online on any course, with registration of results from the community round at The 40 best results go on to the Swedish final together with 20 players who are drawn. This is to encourage games and to register their results even after a worse day on the course. The Swedish final will also be decided on any track during week 37. The reported results form the basis for a final result list with a winner in women’s and men’s class respectively.

During the competition, participants will be encouraged to donate money to the World Childhood Foundation, of which Volvo Car Sweden is proudly the main sponsor. For every reported competition round, the ambition is that SEK 20 will be swished directly to the organization. The World Childhood Foundation has been a part of the competition for many years and Volvo Cars wants to continue to pay attention to the organization’s important work to help vulnerable children.

Unfortunately, the statistics show that the risk of children becoming ill increases during the ongoing pandemic, says Johanna Kinnander at Volvo Car Sweden. We therefore want to take this opportunity to pay attention to the problem and not least Childhood’s fantastic work.

Registration for the competition is free and is easily done at
Competition period June 19 to August 16.

Author: Nabeel K

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