Volvo Cars delivers 2,200 new Swedish police cars

Sweden’s new police car is a Volvo. After extensive procurement, the police authority and Volvo Car Sweden have signed an agreement for 2,200 new cars over the next eight years. The models are Volvo XC60 and V90 and the deal includes service agreements and repairs through the Swedish Volvo dealership.

Swedish Police Car with 2020 – striping

“It is an important deal for Volvo Cars while it is a receipt for the high standards of our cars and the quality of the overall solution we can offer,” says Jenny Stark, who is responsible for public procurement at Volvo Car Sweden.

The first cars are expected to be delivered during 2021. The Volvo models have been selected based on a detailed technical requirements as well as a work environment evaluation in which 100 police officers have participated in practical aspects and whose experience has played a major role in the choice of cars.

Much effort has also been put into introducing modern technology into the cars, which will have advanced technical equipment such as a new navigation system, radar, 360-degree camera and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition).


Volvo XC60 B5 AWD Diesel, mild hybrid (smaller electric motor) 235 hp. (Accounts for 75 percent of the cars purchased).

Volvo V90 B6 AWD Petrol, mild hybrid (smaller electric motor) 300 hp.

Author: Nabeel K

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1 year ago

Thank you for your very interesting article.
Just out of curiosity – do you know if these cars are also speed limited to 180 km/h (because Volvo announced recently to reduce the top speed of their produced cars worldwide for safety reasons etc. starting with model year 2021)?