Volkswagen Group supports doctors and clinics with large donations of medical material from China

The Volkswagen Group organizes short-term medical materials in China to supply doctors and hospitals in Germany. The total value of the material that the group will donate is around 40 million euros. The equipment – including respiratory masks, gloves, disinfectants, clinical thermometers, goggles and protective suits – is intended to be available to medical personnel in the emergency care of patients. Last week, Volkswagen donated around 200,000 respirator masks of the FFP-2 and FFP-3 categories for public health care at short notice.

Loading of face masks in Beijing, which are sent to Germany by air freight. It is the first part of Volkswagen’s large donation. The medical material goes to German clinics and doctors. – (photo by VW)

Dr. Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, says: “Volkswagen is making its contribution to overcoming the global crisis. Our global orientation is our strength. Even in this exceptional situation. China is on the way to normalization. We use this as well as our global logistics chains so that this donation reaches doctors and clinics as quickly as possible and so that the sick continue to receive the best possible care. ”

Volkswagen Human Resources Director Gunnar Kilian says: “On the Executive Board, we agree: in the fight against Corona, it is important not to waste time. The main burden in the defense against the virus and in the care of patients is borne by doctors and nurses. They do outstanding work and need our full support. For us it is therefore clear: Volkswagen is needed and helps. I would particularly like to thank our Task Force, our healthcare teams, our procurement and logistics departments in Wolfsburg and China. They worked together in a first-class and highly professional manner and ensured that the materials came to Germany at record speed.”

In the past few days, requests for help from hospitals, doctors and social institutions at Volkswagen had been increasing. As Volkswagen itself does not have the total volume of materials requested, the healthcare system and the procurement of the group take over the ordering of the goods, and the group logistics coordinates and organizes the transport. The primary goal: the fastest possible care for doctors and hospitals. Distribution is organized by public bodies.

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