Virtual Mazda MX-30 Experience – Mazda presents the brand’s first electric vehicle in a 40-minute online session

For Mazda, the launch of the brand’s first electric vehicle came at a time with many challenges. But the company reacted quickly and set up an experience strategy for the introduction of the Mazda MX-30, which reached the customers even in Corona times.

Mazda MX-30 EV – (photo by Mazda)

The Mazda MX-30, Mazda’s first all-electric model, is expected in dealers’ showrooms in late September. For all those who do not want to wait that long, Mazda has created two very special formats for getting to know the Mazda MX-30.

With the “Virtual Mazda MX-30 Experience”, Mazda presents the brand’s first electric vehicle in a 40-minute online session, which takes place on June 3 and 4 has already expressed interest in the electric vehicle in Tokyo and wants to find out more about Mazda’s electric future before the market starts.Mazda is expecting more than 300 participants for the virtual experience.

In addition to individual video sequences, Mazda experts explain the special features and details of the exceptional Mazda. From the drive concept, to the choice of battery size, to freestyle doors and recyclable materials, the Mazda MX-30 has some highlights in store. At the end of the presentation, participants have the opportunity to ask questions that will be answered by the Mazda experts on site.

Mazda goes one step further with the First E-Dates. Two teams have been touring Germany with the Mazda MX-30 from the end of June, stopping at almost 70 dealers. They have the opportunity to invite your interested customers to an exclusive product presentation in the dealership and to a first test drive well before the market launch. Of course, all measures under the COVID-19 regulations are strictly observed during the First E-Dates.

“With the ‘Virtual Mazda MX-30 Experience’ and the first e-dates, we are creating an opportunity for those interested to immerse themselves intensively in Mazda’s world of electric mobility well before its market launch. With the First E-Dates we want to convince our Mazda partners and their most important customers and prospects of the electrifying driving experience and the unique driving dynamics of the Mazda MX-30,” says Dino Damiano, Marketing Director at Mazda Motors Germany.

Author: Nabeel K