UK car production tumbled by 14.2 percent in 2019

The outputs of Britain’s car industry fell to its lowest level in almost a decade, production tumbled by 14.2 percent in 2019 with factories producing 1.3 million passenger vehicles, its third consecutive year of decline.

Aston Martin factory

The industry’s trade body says, the Brexit uncertainty has played a role. Exports in particular were down, majority of the exports go into the European Union, the sector reiterated the importance of frictionless trade with its closest neighbor. The chief executive of Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders said that a trade deal with EU is very critical to the UK’s car industry.

With the official exit from EU, border officials in France are getting ready to put a new customs process in place at its ports. The UK’s business with France amounts to about 60 billion euros a year, so the British truck drivers will have to adapt to some new rules.

More than 5 million commercial trucks cross the English channel of north sea in transit from the UK to France. For the moment custom officials are going about their usual jobs, but once Brexit is officially enacted, all commercial vehicles from the UK will have to go through a new process. If they don’t meet the guidelines, they may be forced to park and meet the inspection.

According to Josselin Lemerle of regional customs in Caen, “Thanks to our small border process, drivers can make their customs declaration before arriving at the ports while the truck is still at the ferry. Once drivers make their declaration, they will receive a text message letting them know if they can directly leave the port on arrival or if they will have to pull over for further checks.

According to equipment director Antoine De Gouville in Caen, “There are coded colors which are very clear, green or orange. It will let them know if they have to park in the waiting zone to undergo an inspection.”

The new technology is part of a 50 million euro plan to prevent long wait at French ports, which includes the salary of 700 additional border agents. France’s revenue and customs agency is hoping its money well spent, making for a smooth transition post Brexit.

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