Uber to force drivers and passengers to wear masks in the United States

Uber will introduce new security measures in the United States and other countries to limit the spread of Covid-19. Among these, the wearing of a mask will notably be imposed on drivers and customers.

As the whole world approaches deconfinement, new measures will have to be introduced during this period. In addition to social distancing and barrier gestures, wearing a surgical or textile mask will soon become the norm. From May 11 in France, wearing a mask will be mandatory in public transport. In the United States, the Uber platform has just announced that drivers and passengers will soon be required to wear a protective mask.

Wearing a mask or face protection is compulsory for drivers and customers

For the moment, Uber advises its drivers to stay at home as much as possible. Those who continue to make essential trips will receive safety equipment, as reported by CNN Business. In a few weeks, the wearing of a mask will be imposed on drivers and passengers in order to minimize the risk of spread.

This new policy will first be implemented in the United States and other countries. Uber France has not yet specified whether it will take the same path to ensure the safety of its employees and its customers . In fact, Uber drivers are no longer considered independent contractors in France. The Court of Cassation declared them salaried at the beginning of March.

Technology to detect if drivers are wearing a mask

In addition to this new security policy, the American firm is currently developing a new technology. It is able to analyze the driver’s face before he connects to the Internet to accept a trip. If he is not wearing a mask, he will not be able to take passengers. Uber will also try to provide drivers with masks as much as possible. If the latter do not receive any, any face protection will be accepted.

In France, Uber is also preparing for deconfinement. “ By May 11, we will make hundreds of thousands of masks available free of charge to drivers using the Uber app in France. They will also benefit from a reimbursement of up to €50 for the installation of a partition wall between the driver and passenger compartments inside their vehicle,” the company said on Twitter.

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