Trump threatens tariffs on EU cars again

The US president wants to impose car tariffs if the EU does not drop tariffs on US lobsters. Chinese products are again in the focus of the US government.

Donald John Trump, president of the United States

US President Donald Trump has again threatened import duties on cars from Europe. If the European Union (EU) does not drop its tariffs on American lobsters, he will impose corresponding surcharges on European vehicles, Trump said on Friday in front of professional fishermen in Bangor, Maine.

Trump also instructed his trading advisor Peter Navarro to locate Chinese products, which should also be subject to surcharges if the People’s Republic does not withdraw its US lobster tariffs. Navarro will be responsible for the respective talks, he is the “Lobster King”, said Trump.

Trump, who wants to be elected president again in November, promised the fishermen that EU tariffs on US lobsters would drop quickly. US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer had promised an agreement with the EU in 2019 to facilitate access for US lobsters to the European market. So far, however, this has not happened.

Trump has repeatedly threatened punitive tariffs of 25 or 35 percent on European cars imported into the United States in recent years . German manufacturers like Daimler , BMW and Volkswagen would be particularly affected . Trump’s goal is presumably to use the threats to knock out better trading conditions.

However, higher tariffs have not actually been introduced so far, although Trump has made several appointments. The project was justified among other things by the fact that Trump sees car imports as a potential threat to the national security of the United States.

Author: Nabeel K

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