Toyota Tsusho to provide car parts to the United Nations for free to support Africa

Toyota Tsusho Corporation announced on April 4 that it will provide car maintenance parts free of charge to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees etc. in order to support Africa, which is suffering from the spread of coronavirus infections. In Africa, Toyota’s large four-wheel drive vehicle “Land Cruiser” is used to transport food and medical supplies, and streamlines daily necessities from being delivered.

It also revealed that it is donating food and antiseptic solutions to governments and hospitals in African countries. Toyota Tsusho has a strong African business, including the complete transfer of sales operations from Toyota.

In addition to car maintenance parts, the United Nations also plans to provide face shields manufactured by Toyota and others in Japan. Donated trucks carrying medical equipment to Uganda’s Ministry of Health and donated groceries in South Africa. The disinfectant donated to the Republic of Congo was produced at a beer factory that Toyota Tsusho operates in Japan.

Author: Nabeel K

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