Toyota Supra gets a special edition RZ “Horizon blue edition” in Japan

TOYOTA will partially improve the Supra and set up a special edition RZ “Horizon blue edition”, which will be released around October 2020. Note that the RZ exterior color matte stream gray metallic is limited to 27 units, and the special edition RZ “Horizon blue edition” is limited to 100 units.

With this partial improvement, the output of the RZ 3.0L engine was increased to 285kW (387PS) / 5,800rpm (+ 14% compared to the conventional model). In addition, a brace has been added to the front to strengthen the body’s rigidity, and the suspension has been retuned to improve stability during cornering.

For the outer panel color, a total of 7 colors including the limited number sold Matt Storm Gray Metallic have been used.

The special edition RZ “Horizon blue edition” is a special edition with blue as a base on the RZ, with a limited number of 100 units sold. Specially set the newly adopted horizon blue as the outer panel color, and specially equipped with matte black painted 19-inch forged aluminum wheels. Even in the interior, a seat that combines Alcantara and black genuine leather as the outer skin have been adopted. In addition, blue stitches are applied everywhere, including the seat cover, instrument panel, door trim, steering wheel, etc., making it a unified blue color specification.

Sales overview

RZ (mat stream gray metallic) limited 27 units

Toyota accepts applications from April 28 (Tue) to May 24 (Sun) for about 1 month only on the Web. After lottery, will be on sale from around October.

Special specification car RZ “Horizon blue edition” limited 100 units

Order acceptance will start from April 28 (Tuesday) at dealers in Japan selling 100 units in order.

Author: Nabeel K

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