Toyota launches a special edition Crown to celebrate its 65th anniversary

On April 27, 2020, Toyota announced that it will release a special specification car to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Crown’s birth and carry out some improvements on the model about two years after its debut in 2018 (current generation).

The 15th generation Crown, which underwent a full model change in June 2018 as a flagship of Toyota that can operate smartphone applications on the car navigation screen, will lead the company’s connected car by installing communication functions as standard equipment. This time, some improvements were announced to enhance this communication function and were released on April 27, 2020.

What has been improved is the function of the T-Connect SD navigation system, which has added the function of linking with smartphones such as SmartDeviceLink, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Convenience is enhanced by displaying the apps that are normally used on smartphones on the navigation screen so that they can be operated. In addition to this, by changing the material of the interior depending on the grade, it gets a high quality feel.

In addition, three special models, “Limited,” “Elegance Style II,” and “Sports Style,” were launched on the same day to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the appearance of the first Crown in 1955.

Based on the “RS” and “RS Four”, Limited has adopted black-painted 18-inch wheels and sporty seats (with front seat heater) that combines fabric and synthetic leather.

The Elegance Style II is based on the “S” and “S Four” and has a higher quality interior and exterior. The exterior is specially equipped with chrome metallic 18-inch wheels and center ornament, and a plated door handle. Three interior colors are available: black, light gray and brown (caramel color). The seat is a combination of suede-like brannove fabric and synthetic leather, and the center console panel is made of black wood.

The sports style is based on the “S” and “S Four” and the interior and exterior are sporty. The 18-inch wheels have a special black coating, the LED headlights and tail lamps are smoked. In the interior, red color accents are placed based on black. All of the special-purpose cars will be equipped with blind spot monitors and emergency braking system, which are safety equipment.

Author: Nabeel K

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