Toyota introduces a minivan to transport coronavirus patients

Japanese hospitals continue to struggle to safely transport people infected with Covid-19. That’s why car manufacturers want to help and convert their vehicles. Toyota Motor Corp. introduced its new minivan, which is suitable for the transport of coronavirus patients with serious symptoms.

Toyota transport vehicle for critically ill patients

On Thursday, Toyota confirmed that they were offering one of the vehicles to Showa University Hospital in Tokyo. The company had previously provided eleven smaller cars to medical facilities and the local government. However, these were only intended for patients with mild symptoms. However, since ill people have to be transported, Toyota built another vehicle.

Air system for more safety

The new minivan is more spacious than the other cars and comes from the subsidiary Toyota Auto Body Co. Inside there is a barrier between the driver and the rear area with the patient.

This is to reduce the risk of infection and ensure safe transport. Another safety measure is an exhaust fan in the rear area, which continuously extracts the air so that it does not get into the driving area.

Car manufacturers are trying to help in several areas

Toyota claims to offer the vehicles to meet growing demand. More and more infected people are brought to hotels to relieve hospitals. On the other hand, people have to be taken from hotels to hospitals if their condition worsens.

For this reason, various automakers are trying to help as much as possible. Honda Motor Co. announced in April that it had donated 50 special vans to the local government in Tokyo and other hard-hit communities. Toyota and Nissan Motor Co. have also started producing ventilators and face shields that are urgently needed.

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