Toyota and Momenta partner to build autonomous vehicle maps

On March 18, Momenta officially announced a strategic cooperation with Toyota to provide high-definition maps based on camera vision technology. With this cooperation, both parties will jointly promote the Toyota’s Automated Mapping Platform (AMP) in China to better serve Chinese users.

Momenta’s product strategy is to first create a basic platform for deep learning, big data, and big computing, so as to develop powerful environmental awareness, high-precision maps, and driving decision-making algorithms, and then provide different levels by engineering and productizing these underlying algorithms.

Momenta’s vision-based high-precision semantic map solution is highly scalable and ready for mass production. Through crowdsourcing, the solution can create closed-loop feedback loops for big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and high-definition map updates. Momenta also discovers changes from map elements and continuously sends updates to the cloud.

For the basemap drawing and crowdsourcing update of high-precision maps, Momenta has developed a complete set of drawing and updating hardware, and updates and verifies information throughout the entire life cycle of the product. In terms of high-precision map drawing and updating, Momenta completes the map drawing through its own channels or cooperative channels; lays out rear-mounted equipment and front-mounted positioning boxes, and crowdsources to complete the map update.

In addition, Momenta’s automated map production line can efficiently process big data to ensure the freshness of high-precision maps, thereby providing live and safe maps for different autonomous driving functions such as positioning, planning, and control.

Momenta and Toyota will play their respective advantages in this cooperation. Momenta’s strategy is to achieve mass production of autonomous driving, and to achieve completely unmanned driving for robo-taxis.

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