The Tesla Model Y loaded with 1,000 lbs cargo – stress test

An youtuber tested the loading capacity of his new Tesla Model Y by far exceeding the maximum cargo weight indicated by the manufacturer.

Tesla Model Y loaded with 1,000 labs cargo – (photo by DÆrik)

The details of the weight of the cargo are generally governed by international standards and are valid for almost all manufacturers. American automakers, in particular, typically report this information based on the volume of cargo. But there are situations where you have to transport not large goods, but heavy goods.

Videographer DÆrik carried out a test on the load capacity of his Model Y, because he had to transfer not a bulky load, but a very heavy load. The load capacity of the car is a very important indicator that guarantees the proper functioning of the vehicle.

A charge that exceeds Tesla’s indications

Tesla indicates in the technical documentation that the load limit for the Model Y is 285 lbs (129kg). But DÆrik, who intends to push the car to its limits, wants to move his new tiles for his bathroom. This obviously weighs much heavier than the value indicated in the manual of the Tesla.

DÆrik had estimated that the weight of the tiling would be 600-700 pounds, which is already more than double the authorized load limit. As the store loaded the tiles into its trunk, it turned out that the Model Y was carrying a weight of 971 pounds, more than three times the value indicated. To get home, DÆrik had to be very careful on the road and was traveling at a speed of 50 km/h.

An experience that shows the potential of the car

It should be recalled that DÆrik was also present in the car at the time of the test, but had no significant impact on the total weight. This test demonstrates the strong potential of the Model Y for transporting very heavy loads.

It is nevertheless important to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions and not to significantly exceed the maximum authorized load to maintain good performance.

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