The new PS5 brings back iconic car games

Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto return for the next installment of the Sony video game console, but Destruction Allstars also appears.

Recently, Sony offered a first look at its long-awaited PlayStation 5 video game console, which comes seven years after the arrival of the highly successful PS4. The new PS5 will go on sale towards the end of 2020 offering a spectacular design, and will come accompanied by some sequels that were developed exclusively for this installment of Sony. Nothing has been said about the price, so we will have to wait until around Christmas to know the value of the new PS5.

The new PS5 will have a BlueRay Ultra 4K disk reader and a high-speed 825GB SSD hard drive, which will radically reduce loading times. The DualSense controller features body vibration and trigger technologies, includes a microphone and a speaker, which will reproduce 3D quality sound through its 3.5mm headphone jack.

More striking is its futuristic black and white design with blue accents. Placed vertically, its curved lines form a V, a clear reference to the five of its name. Along with the console, Sony has introduced a family of accessories: wireless headphones, a remote control, a charging base for the DualSense and a high-resolution camera, all sharing the design in black and white.

The new console can also be chosen in a version without a disk drive, which can only play digital games downloaded and installed on your hard drive. Supposedly it should cost less.

Additionally, Sony is building a library of premiere titles that will only be available for its new release, which contrasts with Microsoft’s strategy for XBox, which typically releases new games for its past consoles.

Sony streamed online for just over an hour to showcase a dozen popular games, as well as new sequels from its major studios. Among them, three that compete directly for this of the cars: Gran Turismo 7, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Destruction Allstars.

The return of Gran Turismo

Shortly after the launch of the PS5, Kazunori Yamauchi, the founder of Polyphony Digital and Gran Turismo, appears on the scene, with the announcement that we were all waiting for. In previous interviews, “Kaz” had commented that the next title of Gran Turismo would have the best of the past, present and future of the saga, but always with secrecy.

The teaser, which is not very long, shows a development version of Gran Turismo 7 (finally confirmed by that name). There are many things to comment on. The first thing is that Gran Turismo 7 will be the real successor to the Gran Turismo saga, with Gran Turismo Sport as a kind of spinoff that will be included in GT7 as one of its modes.

This is evident when seeing the return of the classic menu of the Simulation mode, which takes much of the style of GT4 (a great map as traditionally have been the Gran Turismo), something highly requested by fans, in pursuit of sterile menus GT5 and GT6.

On this map, we see back the used car stores, the GT Auto section (oil change, washing and customization), the tuning section with aftermarket parts and the campaigns for the races. Everything as we liked before.

However, what made us jump the most from our chairs was the return of Trial Mountain, the original historical circuit of the saga and one of the most iconic in the game. As we know, in GT Sport, all the original Gran Turismo circuits were removed for the first time in history and replaced by new fantasy circuits but based on real natural locations, apart from the real circuits. Trial Mountain returns redesigned and based in the United States.

The teaser, focused on this circuit, revealed several things to us, such as, for example, a greater role for Porsche in the franchise, with cars such as the 917 or the Carrera GT appearing. Mazda also appears with its latest Vision GT prototype. The BAC Mono also makes its debut in the franchise.

GT7 is expected to run in 4K and include support for 3D audio and the haptic sensor of DualSense controls. But the best thing will be that it will use the technology of “raytracing” to have hyper realistic reflections on the sheet of the cars.

The wait will be long, we know that.

GTA 5 remastered

One of the best-selling and most popular games in history, present on virtually all PlayStation consoles (and other platforms), is undoubtedly Grand Theft Auto. And while it is not a racing game as such, cars have always been a strong component of the game. It is probably the game with the most recognized fictional cars by gamers.

Grand Theft Auto V was originally launched in 2013, adding compatibility with other platforms in the following years. Its enormous size and high gameplay, technically have made unnecessary a new title of the saga, which is rumored to be in development.

2021 will be released completely remastered for PS5, with extra expansion and very realistic graphics that make it an excellent title to launch the console.

The folks at Rockstar noted that users who own PlayStation Plus at launch will get free access to GTA Online and will receive $1 million a month for online mode until GTA V comes out.

The new Destruction AllStars

As we follow the PS5 release stream looking for other car-related titles, a novelty called Destruction: Allstars appeared. The teaser reveals different characters, those who seem to participate in a ferocious demolition championship in a large arena.

It reminded us a bit of Rocket League in its aesthetics, but also the endearing Twisted Metal, and that is that there are not many demolition games. The closest and most popular were the games of the Burnout saga, with spectacular animations of crashes and destruction of cars, but in a career format and not battle.

It looks entertaining, colorful and almost as if it were a television program, although it will surely be more popular with a younger audience than the one that will enjoy Gran Turismo or Grand Theft Auto.

Author: Nabeel K

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