Tesla’s new rival rethinks the future of electric cars with Polestar Precept concept car

The Polestar Precept has been unveiled, a concept that redefines the future of electric cars where Tesla dominates with an iron hand.

If we talk about high-end cars in the field of EVs, many of us think of Tesla first. But there is a competitor who plans to make things difficult for him, and that is Polestar, Volvo’s sub-brand. After launching its first cars and preparing an SUV, it gains strength with the recently announced Polestar Precept.

A car that is only a concept, since it will not go on sale. But it hints at 2 things: how Polestar cars will look from now on at the design level and also the design lines that will define the next generation of electric cars.

This car, as expected, was going to be presented at the Geneva Motor Show, but canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic. But now Polestar has decided to disclose all its details.

Polestar unveils this concept right in the process of developing its first SUV, which it hopes can be announced this year. The design of the Polestar Precept is dynamic, with aggressive lines but without reaching the heights of other concepts that, aware that they will never see the light on the road, become much more sporty.

We find linear headlights that have a minimalist design. At the rear, the LED bar cut is much more aggressive, reaching the entire rear of the car. The demo video shows a fairly spacious interior, with a rather peculiar door opening and an upper part of the roof that is covered by a LiDAR sensor installed in the vehicle.

Polestar ensures that the materials that make up this vehicle are biodegradable and recycled; They ensure that the used plastic has been reduced by 80% and they ensure a reduction in weight of up to 50%. The same occurs with the interior and its accessories such as mats, which are made from recycled materials such as nylon or plastic.

Polestar has not given technical specifications yet. This will be a concept car and not a vehicle that must be brought to the markets. Integrations with Google Maps and Android Auto are added, and with details such as touch panels to display information, regardless of the already classic analog buttons. This same system will have an ‘eye tracking’ that will act as an assistant for driving, which will also be based on our eyes to adjust the interface depending on the driver’s view of the road.

The design is reminiscent of other Volvo concepts and the aesthetic lines are also clearly referential not only to cars from the sub-region, but to more famous cars such as the Tesla Model 3 or, even, the Cybertruck (in terms of its rear). This style will practically be the standard not only for Polestar but for the entire electric car industry from now on, or at least it would be expected given the aesthetic lines that many manufacturers are following with their electric ones.

Polestar has not given dates about when it will present the SUV, a vehicle with which this and others of the firm are supposed to share characteristics and is a complete mystery due to the coronavirus. But of course the Volvo sub-brand cannot be blamed for failing to tackle Tesla, even when it comes to a concept car that won’t see the light of day. A car that shows a future in which we may see a Polestar stand up to Elon Musk.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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