Tesla upgrades Model 3 with wireless charger and USB-C ports

Tesla has just announced that its successful model, the Model 3 manufactured in its California factory, is now equipped with a wireless phone charger as well as USB-C ports.

This improvement in the interior equipment of Tesla vehicles is recent, because it is for the Model Y manufactured in its factory in China that the manufacturer began to bring this novelty. The first customers have only been delivered since last March to take advantage of this wireless charger and its USB-C ports. Drive Tesla Canada has reported that these two improvements have become standard in the production line of the Fremont plant in California for the Model 3 assembled from June 4.

Tesla Model 3 vehicles built before June 4 can get wireless charger and USB-C ports

This innovation should not disappoint customers who bought a Tesla Model 3 built before June 4, because the manufacturer has thought of everything while anticipating any possible dissatisfaction. Tesla offers these buyers to integrate the wireless charger kit and the USB-C ports for a cost of 125 dollars. The accessories company Jeda Products offers its kit with wireless charger and USB-C ports for 99 dollars.

Production maintained despite the COVID-19 crisis

This modernization carried out on the interior equipment of the Model 3 also enters into a commercial strategy wanted by Tesla. The company of Elon Musk indeed wants to make his vehicle more attractive and thus relaunch orders that fell during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tesla delivered 88,400 cars in the first quarter of this year, 21 percent less than expected. The COVID-19 crisis however brought logistical imbalances, thus affecting the transport of vehicles after production. However, analysts had predicted a much larger drop in deliveries, which gives Tesla credibility. In terms of production in 2020, the American manufacturer managed to assemble 103,000 electric cars in the first quarter, about 2% less than the previous period.

The COVID-19 crisis really started affecting the western economy after March 31. Tesla generally giving its quarterly results a few days after the end of it, it will take until early July to see the real impact that the crisis has had on the production, orders and deliveries of Tesla vehicles.

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