Tesla sold only 321 Model S in European Market, lowest in four years

Tesla Model S deliveries continue its downward trend and has hit a new four year low in October with only 321 deliveries in Europe, down 49 percent compared to October last year.

Tesla delivered 321 Model S vehicles to customers in October of 2019. That’s a drastic 49 percent decline from the same month of previous year, when 625 vehicles were delivered.

After its launch in 2012, Model S did enjoy good growth numbers until last year. Tesla sold 3,911 units in 2013, then in 2014 it saw remarkable growth of 126 percent to 8,841 units. In 2015 there was another impressive jump in deliveries to 15,169 units, a 71 percent increase. Last year 21,386 vehicles were delivered, the highest number for Model S in European market.

Monthly chart for Model S deliveries in European market.

In 2019 all has changed, Model S is in a decline and a significant one. From January to October 6,925 vehicles have been delivered, in the same period last year (Jan-Oct 2018), 17,413 were delivered, a massive 60 percent drop. Its anybody’s guess how many Model S were sold in November and December until they release the data, but based on the trend, it may not be good.

Model S is one of the most profitable vehicle under Tesla’s lineup, so this trend of declining sales should be taken seriously by the automaker.

The Tesla Model S is an all-electric sedan released in June 22, 2012. It has an EPA range of 373 miles, higher than most other cars in this category. The price of its base model is $75,000, which is on higher end. Despite its remarkable performance, its not considered a luxury vehicle compared to its European counterparts. It might be the reason why its struggling to compete in European market.

The decline in Model S does not mean customers are not buying Tesla cars in Europe. There is high demand for Tesla Model 3 which recently broke sales record. In September, 2019, Tesla sold 19,560 vehicles, an all time high.

Author: Nabeel K
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