Tesla slashes car prices by up to $5,000 – free Supercharging cancelled

Tesla has surprisingly lowered the prices of its models – depending on the country and series, sometimes massively. All Tesla models are affected by the price cuts, with the exception of the new Model Y. In the USA, the Model 3 will also be around $2,000 cheaper.

When it comes to purchasing an electric car, the US manufacturer Tesla is the first point of contact for many people. The company is considered the top dog on the market for electric vehicles, but also calls juicy prices for its cars. The billionaire Elon Musk’s company Tesla has drastically reduced the acquisition costs for many of its electric cars. German Tesla customers can now save almost 4,000 euros when purchasing a new car. That sounds like a great deal. Unfortunately, this only applies to Model S. So far this has cost 86,800 euros and is now available for 82,990 euros. With such an astronomical starting price, the new cost point seems almost irrelevant. Anyone who has already flirted with the Model S is happy about the discount.

The situation is similar with the Model X, which previously cost 91,700 euros and now costs 2,710 euros less. Again, the new price hardly makes much dent in total price. With the only reasonably affordable model from Tesla, the Model 3, the price cut is significantly lower. Tesla will waive 400 euros for buyers in Germany in the future and reduces the acquisition costs to 43,990 euros. For Model Y , which is not yet available in Germany, everything remains the same, the SUV continues to cost 58,620 euros.

The price drop benefits US customers significantly more. The Model 3 is now $2,000 cheaper, and for Model S and Model X, Tesla is charging $5,000 less in its home country. Why the company cut prices so quickly remains unclear. Probably they want to boost sales again after the Corona-related slump in sales.

In China, the prices for the Model S and X are expected to drop by around four percent – Tesla usually orientates itself here to the prices in the USA and adjusts the prices for the import models in China accordingly. The prices for the Model 3 built in China will not be adjusted for the time being.

Tesla did not officially justify the price reduction. However, US media speculate that the Californians want to boost demand for the models built in Fremont after weeks of production stoppage due to the corona pandemic.

Parallel to the latest price cuts, Tesla has canceled the free use of Supercharger for the newly configured Model S and Model X. However, the extra is still available for pre-produced new cars.

The free supercharging was canceled in late summer 2018 and reintroduced to the Model S and Model X after a few months. The media are already speculating as to whether the free charging will be finally put to rest – or whether it will come back.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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