Tesla reportedly builds “RNA micro factories” for German vaccine company CureVac

CEO Elon Musk surprises with the announcement on Twitter. The biotech company CureVac is also researching a corona vaccine.

According to CEO Elon Musk, the US electric car manufacturer is working with the German biotech company CureVac on the construction of “RNA micro factories”. “As a side project, Tesla is building RNA mini factories for CureVac and possibly others,” Musk said on Twitter .

This is done at the German mechanical engineering subsidiary Tesla Grohmann. Musk said nothing more. No more comments initially available from CureVac and Tesla.

The German biotech company, which is researching a coronavirus vaccine and which the German government recently got into, had announced plans to develop mobile, automated mRNA production units. They are said to be able to produce vaccine candidates and other mRNA-based therapies.

In mid-June, Curevac announced the start of clinical trials with a corona vaccine candidate. In total, a dozen vaccine projects worldwide are currently undergoing clinical trials – that is, human trials.

The Tübingen company wants to test its vaccine in a study with 168 participants in three doses, 144 of the test subjects are to be vaccinated. Study centers in Tübingen, Munich, Hanover and Ghent in Belgium are involved.

Curevac boss Franz-Werner Haas expects the first data in September or October. A larger study could then start in development phases 2 and 3. In this context, the vaccine should then be tested specifically on groups of people with an increased risk of infection.

If the tests are successful, the plan is to launch a vaccine in the middle of next year.

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