Tesla records best first quarter performance, thanks to online sales

Tesla is among the few brands that have not hugely suffered due to coronavirus in terms of sales. Thanks to its online sales system and contactless deliveries.

The coronavirus has affected all the commercial realities of the world and in view of the restart, the various companies will have to think of new strategies to return to having important numbers scored. Speaking of automotive, unfortunately, we must report how the market has marked a sharp drop (even 40% only in China ), but there are those who try to anticipate the times in view of the future: we are talking about Tesla.

Tesla: A winning sales model?
Just last week, Tesla announced the first quarter 2020 business results, which was the best ever for Elon Musk’s car maker with 88,400 cars sold worldwide. Now, when the sales curve is set to decline, the American brand already has a “plan B” in hand to suffer the slightest possible negative impact. The test field is the Chinese market where registrations have fallen by 40%, but where Tesla continues to have important numbers. Tesla in China has always been liked even before the arrival of the new production facility in Shanghai and this is how sales numbers have steadily risen, while other competitors see the abyss very close. There are those who hypothesize that the secret of Musk’s brand lies in its formula, namely being able to buy online and get your car delivered at home, given that recently Tesla has experienced the home delivery of its electric cars at greater margin, even though part of the Chinese population was locked in the house due to the pandemic.

Can the “Tesla model” also be applied to other brands? The answer is “hardly” essentially for one reason: the Tesla range is composed of very few variants that have, among other things, rigid configurations that can be simply chosen online with a few clicks and without the risk of getting lost in the jungle of optionals. The other side of the coin is represented by the lack of a dealership or the absence of vehicles ready for delivery, thus forcing the customer to “suffer” through the delivery times. Now it’s up to you to weigh the limits and the advantages, just like when evaluating the choice of an electric car or not.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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