Tesla plans to start construction of a second US plant this summer

The electric car maker already has concrete plans to pull up its second US plant in Travis County, Texas. But Tesla still demands tax incentives.

The electric car maker Tesla wants to quickly build a new plant in his home country USA. There are already concrete plans to build a factory in Travis County, Texas, which is slated to start this summer. This is shown by documents that the state’s Court of Auditors published on Thursday.

So far, Tesla has only one car factory in Fremont, California. Another car plant was opened in Shanghai, one is planned in Grünheide near Berlin.

The investment volume in Travis County is expected to be a good $1 billion, and around 5000 jobs are to be created. However, as is usual with such large projects, Tesla demands far-reaching concessions, for example in the form of tax incentives. There is still no binding decision for Texas.

According to US media, the city of Tulsa in the state of Oklahoma is still in the running. Both locations had already publicly sought the favor of Tesla boss Elon Musk. In Tulsa, a famous statue was quickly given a large Tesla logo, while Texas representatives Musk courted on Twitter.

In addition to the car factories, the group also operates a battery plant in Nevada and a factory in New York, which mainly produces solar systems. In view of the great demand for the new Model Y and other projects such as the Cybertruck, new production facilities have to be built quickly.

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